Health and nutrition

The Northern Nursery School is ANAPHYLACTIC AWARE. Families must notify us if their child has a food allergy.

We are a nut-free zone. Foods that contain cooked eggs such as cakes are only allowed after consultation with staff.

Thank you for helping us keep our preschool a safe place for all children.

Please be aware that any food brought in to share at preschool for celebrations, birthdays and afternoon teas, must NOT contain nuts, nut products or raw egg (egg substitutes are available when cooking cakes).

  • Good eating habits start young! Please provide a healthy lunch and morning tea for your child. Food should be fresh; home-prepared foods are more nutritious than pre-packaged commercial foods.
  • Sandwiches, salads, pasta, rice, cheese and fresh fruit are healthy options.
  • In supporting our approach to healthy foods, please do not include roll ups, yoghurt tubes, cans, poppas, sesame seed bars, sugary or overly salty foods in your child’s meals.
  • Please provide lunch in a paper bag or small lunchbox. Please consider whether your child can independently open and close containers and packages that you provide for them, as we are happy to help them but they love to do things for themselves and we encourage independence.
  • The preschool provides water and milk for the children at morning tea. Please provide a bottle of water each day and place it in the Esky.
  • Information about healthy food groups can be downloaded here.