Our Environment

Following the philosophy as the environment as the third teacher, The Northern Nursery School is forever enriching the physical and built environment around our children and classrooms.  As you walk around the preschool you will experience a sense of beauty and love of the environment. The environment reflects the interests of the group; materials and experiences are planned to provide concrete learning experiences underpinned by consistency, stability and security.

  • This enables children to access materials independently and to revisit activities and experiences, building on prior knowledge and learning. Children will learn at their own pace within the social group and our program is designed to support them and extend them in their individualised learning.
  • Staff act as researchers and observe children as they engage with each other and their environment. Together children, staff and families set the direction of investigations and projects.
  • Learning centres are consistent and incorporate real-life objects. Children do not waste time figuring out what’s on offer, they know their environment and can build on their learning day by day. Decision making and collaboration are encouraged.
  • Our garden is full of surprises! A rocky water course, a large sand pit, secret cubby houses, beautiful shrubs and trees and space for running around – space to just be a child outside in a garden, imagining and having fun!