Each child has an individual book that contains a record of group experiences through the daily diary, personal discoveries, individual reflections and development throughout the year. We include observations that detail interactions and relationships.

  • These are shared between the staff, children and families.
  • To truly see the child as competent and capable, we aim to document the children’s expressions of knowledge, sense of meaning, problem-solving and social interactions.
  • Children can choose work they want to add to their portfolios and are given regular opportunities to view their portfolios and reflect on their work.
  • We encourage families to share in their child’s journey of learning by taking their child’s portfolio home to read and enjoy together, thereby reaffirming the child’s work and preschool experiences.
  • We also encourage you to add to it with your own family experiences and photos that we can share and enjoy together at preschool. This gives us an opportunity to know your child better and to include these special family moments in our program.