Waitlist & Enrolment policy


  • Children are eligible to be placed on the waiting list at two years of age.
  • Entry onto the waiting list does not guarantee a position.
  • Children must be toilet trained before starting at NNS and it is advisable that this begins early to allow children plenty of time to acquire these skills. There are, of course, circumstances for children with additional needs where this is not possible and the Director will discuss this with families.

Application procedure

  • When a child is to be placed on the waiting list:
  • Families are provided with a copy of the service brochure and are requested to view our waiting list and enrolment policies on this website.
  • Waiting list forms can be downloaded from the website or collected from the preschool in person.
  • Completed waiting list forms can be emailed or delivered to the preschool. Email: northernnursery@bigpond.com
  • Each applicant completes a waiting list form (one per child) and a non-refundable administration fee is paid of $50.00 per child. (twins $50.00).
  • Families are invited to make an appointment to view the preschool. This can be done by phoning the office on 9969 3586 between 10.00am and 1.30pm each day. Appointments are necessary and are usually scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
  • Families are informed of the priority of access within our Waiting List Policy, and have their position assessed as to how they place within this system. Any matters that are sensitive of nature, such as discussing a child’s additional needs, medical needs, court orders, parenting plans or parenting orders, will be discussed privately with the Director (Nominated Supervisor) at this time and supporting documentation will be requested.
  • Should English be the second language, and a family needs the forms to be translated, we will seek assistance.
  • A waiting list application returned to the preschool without the fee enclosed will not be activated. It is the responsibility of the family to ensure this is paid directly by direct debit or cheque.
  • A receipt is issued once the fee is paid either at the time of payment or via mail.
  • Families are responsible for providing written notification of change of address or phone number to NNS.

From waiting list to allocation of places and enrolment

  • The enrolment selections from the waiting list begins end of Term 2.
  • Offers for places for the following year start around the beginning of Term 3.
  • The time frame above is an indication and may vary slightly from year to year.
  • We are unable to give families any information as to their place on the waiting list or likelihood of a place until this time.
  • Places will be offered via telephone or email

Non-acceptance of place

If a family is offered a place and declines at that time they can, if they wish, stay on the waiting list unless they indicate they wish to be removed or if the child is 6 years old and attending school.

Allocation after January intake

If a place becomes available during the year, places will be offered in accordance with our waiting list priorities.

Sibling priority

Sibling priority is given to children who have had a sibling previously attend NNS and are on the waiting list. Places are offered in the order outlined in Waiting List Policy above.

Children with additional needs

Children with special needs are given priority as detailed in Waiting List Policy. The preschool can accept a small number of children with special needs in any given year. The number accepted is determined by the needs of the children, the dynamics of the group and the resources available.