About NNS


    We would like to welcome all our families to the Northern Nursery School. We have a proud history of providing quality education for children and families in the Mosman community since we were first established in 1936.

    We are a community based non-profit parent managed preschool with a long tradition of family involvement. Many lifelong friendships, both parents and children, have been formed here.

    Children’s ability to solve problems and make meaning of the world around them is enhanced through the development of relationships. This involves interactions with other children and adults as well as the materials and resources provided.

    Children are encouraged to challenge both themselves and others through this process as they engage in discussion, expression, debate and reflection.

    We operate between 9am and 3pm and provide a three day session (Monday-Wednesday) and a two day session (Thursday and Friday).

    We look forward to developing an enriching relationship with you and your child.