Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a number of the common questions our new familys have when their child begins preschool.  If you have a question not answered below, please don’t hestitate to contact the office or ask your child’s teacher.

What should your child pack in their bag?

Pack with your child a bag or backpack containing:

  • A hat with a brim that covers back of neck, ears and face
  • Lunch and morning tea in reusable containers
  • Drink bottle with water
  • A spare set of clothes including socks and underwear
What should you do each day?
  • Sign your child in on arrival/out on departure.  Inform staff members of any changes to pick up routines and record this on the roll with your signed initials.
  • Read the communication diary in the sign-in area. Record any messages to staff in communication diary, e.g. upcoming holiday absences.
  • Apply sunscreen to your child’s face and body and support your child in signing in their name on the children’s sign in sheet.
  • Ensure your child places their morning tea in the basket provided.
  • Ensure your child places their lunch in the fridge.
  • Ensure your child places their drink bottle in the basket provided.
  • Check your child’s communication file for notices, newsletters and information.
What should my child wear?

They can wear anything appropriate for the season. However, due to sun safe policies and health recommendations, clothing must cover their shoulders (i.e, no spaghetti strap tops).

We do advise comfortable shoes that support the foot, e.g. with laces, buckles, or velcro.

We are also ‘all weather’, meaning we embrace the many elements that Mother Nature brings.  We have rain coats, rain suits and gumboots available but, if your child would prefer to wear their own, then please pack these too on rainy days.

What type of food should I pack for my child?
  • Healthy food that does not contain nuts, which is prepared at home is best.  Please see our food policy for advice and suggestions.  You may also find these images of sample lunches and morning teas useful.
  • We ask that all food is in reusable containers and is waste-free.
  • Please bring drinking water only as this is a habit that starts young in life and one which supports continued healthy habits.
Do you provide extended hours?

Our hours each day for children are 9am-3pm.  We are committed to keeping these hours so that teachers have the time to meet, discuss, plan and document their work to provide the extraordinary program we offer.

Why can’t my child bring nuts to preschool?

We are a nut-free zone. Some children suffer from anaphylaxis as a result of contact with certain type of foods containing nuts or nut products.

How long should I stay in the morning?

When settling your child at preschool it is really helpful if you develop a goodbye ritual.

Agree to stay and do one experience and then say goodbye.  The teachers will provide tender loving care to ensure your child feels safe and secure.  We will always ring you if there are any issues.

Please talk to us if your child is having any difficulty settling as there is flexibility in you being able to stay to make their transition as smooth as possible.

Please arrive as close to 9am as possible as starting the day with the group makes such a difference for children.

We welcome family involvement so do discuss with your teachers the different ways in which you can be involved.

What do I do if someone else needs to pick up my child?

You need to make sure you have listed the person on the collection authority on your child’s enrolment form.

 If there are changes to a regular authorised pick up arrangement, please email us or write and sign any changes on the sign-in form, and tell staff in the morning of the changes.

 Please advise the person collecting your child that they will be asked to provide photo ID.

What happens if my child is sick or has a temperature at preschool?

We will contact you to let you know how your child is and, if they have a temperature, we can give Panadol with your authorisation.

You will need to collect your child. (Please see our health policy for more information and exclusion periods).

Do I need to let the preschool know if my child is sick or otherwise cannot attend preschool?

Yes, we would like to receive an email stating why they are away so that we can keep an eye on contagious illnesses to safeguard all children, families and staff.

(Please see our health policy for more information)

Will you administer my child's medication?

We only administer medication prescribed by a doctor or supplied with a letter from your doctor. The medication itself will also need a pharmacy dispensing label with your child’s name on it for us to be able to administer it. Please inform a staff member if your child requires medication and they will ask you to fill out a Medication Form which must be signed at the end of the day to acknowledge that medication has been given.

(Please see our health policy for more information)

When should I pick my child up?

We would like your child to have as full a day as possible but are aware that you may need to come earlier to pick up other children at school.

Our preschool closes at 3pm so if you could come at least five or ten minutes earlier so you have the chance to talk to your teachers that would be wonderful. Anytime between 2:30 and 3pm is best.

When can I ask my child's teachers questions or discuss issues?

Daily communication about your child can occur briefly at drop off and pick up.  If you wish to speak about something in more detail, please arrange an appointment with your teacher and the directors are always available to talk.

I don’t know any one in the area. Are there ways to make connections with other families?

Each year three parents from each group take on the role of room parents where they arrange social get-togethers and play dates each term to build relationships within our family and community.

The NNS also holds many functions throughout the year for all families. We also distribute, with each family’s permission, a list of names and phone numbers so you can contact each other. Please always talk to your teachers or the directors so we can support you in making connections.

My child's first language is not English. Should we be speaking in English to them at home now they are in preschool?

Young children can learn to speak several languages. It’s important that you continue to speak to them in their native language. They will learn English naturally at preschool.  Don’t be worried if they are quiet for the first few months. Children who are learning a second language often go through a silent period before they start to speak English.  Please feel welcome to share information about your child and examples of important words in their home language with staff.